Renal Care (Adult) 2021/6 Health & Social Care Education

Renal Care (Adult) 2021/6

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CPDUK accredited Course

Course description

This course (theory and practice) offers you the opportunity to develop and critically evaluate specialist renal skills, knowledge, and behaviour that enhance renal service delivery.  This course provides the same level of intensity as university courses, but with more focus on improving practical skills. A lecturer practitioner (Renal Specialist Nurse) will deliver this course once a month as a live interactive online or face to face course only. 

Course length

5 Days of theory (flexible study days) followed by a month to achieve clinical competencies.

Course assessments

You will be assessed via: Reflective Patchwork & Practical Observation

Reflective Patchwork Example

HSCE Renal Care Course Reflective Practice.pdf

Entry requirements

You must be working or planning to work in health and social care